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I have a mostly stock 2K3 autocker for sale - $200.00 OBO.

Comes with these ups.
Blue WGP orracle 3-way
Blue WGP ram
2X silver Eclipse QEV's
Blue twisted pull pin
Older Black Superfly bolt
Blue ball detent
Blue WGP spoon trigger

Marker has recently been gone through and lubed to perfection. You will just need to set the velocity over a chrono and thats about it.

The frame has been drilled for an E-frame (eyes) but does not effect perfomance in any way. (if anything it saves you some mony if you decide to put an E-frame on this marker, its preset)

*CLICK* on any of these pics to make larger.

I'm not opposed to an ICD of some sorts, an Impulse of N2 tanks. Post up some offers and we'll discuss it.
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