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2k3 cocker green =350$

16" dye ultralight barrel= 100$
12vlt revy= 50$
superfly bolt=50$
powerstation regulator=55$
shocktech ram=20$
dye stickie grips=25$
14" smart parts proggresive=40$
premeir drop forward= 25$
Pure energy 68/4500 nitro tank=175$
grenn nipple cover=3$
black nipple cover=3$
dye cover=25$
jt cover=20$


Dye 03 core pants red= 75$
Dye 03 core jersey red= 55$
Dye invision clear= 60$
Unique harness 5+4= 55$
6 smart parts smoke pods= 12$
jt fog spray 2 bottles= 7$
6 fog tech patches=5 $
12 fogtech stickers
1 dye sticker
straight shot squeege=12$
2,000 core paintballs (never opened)

= is how much i got it for

Cost me 1,192$

You can have it for 550$ plus shipping

I will part

shoots great

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how much will u take for the gun, and the ups on it not including the tank, nipple covers and tank covers, or the gear. ???

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seeing as your nitro tank leaks sometimes and you bought it used for less anyway ill give u 120 for the tank

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That is a good price...but i dont really want another cocker i am selling mine too im just looking at the prices on some that people comparing prices

here is my 03 cocker for sell ill think bout a trade but i dnt know i just need the money i am thinking of gettin out of paintball and get me a good and nce car thumup: thumup:
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