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2k3 VF Cocker F/S/T
I got a blue 2k3 VF cocker in a trade a while back and the timing was screwed.. It's been in the pro shop the last couple of months getting things straightened out since I am a mag person and no nothing about cockers... in no rush to sell, as I can keep it for a back up but I would rather trade it off for another ule mag with some ups, or posibly an older angel.. (wishful thinking) would like to see $350 obo would rather trade out though... LMK.. here's what it has.....

Blue 2003 VF cocker
stock phens
45 reg adapter
chrome black magic regulator
AIM Delron Bolt
WGP hinge frame w/ flame trigger
stainless braided hose
Perfect timing( just timed last month Gator Joes)

chrome STO ram
stock brass ram
stock regulator adaptor
Chrome Besales Hollow Point 3-way

think that's about it..

can be reached on YIM: GrimHrs
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