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I am selling a Red WGP Body 2003 E-Bladed Autococker.

Here are some ups that it comes with:

* WGP White Delrin Bolt
* Dye Beaver Tail
* Palmer Stabilizer
* Palmer Microrock with Dye Knob
* Palmer Quickram with QEV's
* Titanium Pump Arm (not installed)
* Cocking Rod (not installed)
* And of Course the E-Blade

I'll toss up some pics if someone can recommend me a free picture hosting site, or just give me your email addy and I can send that way.

I'm also willing to deal hardcore like, because I need some money for bills and such.

Otherwise E-mail me at [email protected]

I'm looking for trades, but mainly harddrive type mp3 players (gen 3 or 4 iPods, Nomad, etc)



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Would you concider a trade for a 2k3 impy wit
-Vert Reg
-Kricket Board
-Evil Pipe Kit
-Warped Sports Drop
-CCM low rise

Or $400?

*edit* For pic's...go to
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