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I'm in possession of a 3.5 ATM that needs parts. It belongs to the son of one of my coworkers, and since i have 4 days a week off, i told him i would scrounge around and see what i can come up with.

First off, this whole mess came about last year when a somewhat local field cut the striker spring to get the velocity down. Somewhere in this whole mess, they managed to strip the threads in the back cover for the velocity screw AND lost the washer that fits between the spring guide and cover. Since then, the spring guide has gone missing. Google is not being any help as the part kits i am finding don't have everything i need.

Parts i am in possession of as i type this:

JT Excellerator 3.5
back cover strip pin (i'm actually shocked this hasn't gotten up and walked away, they don't look like they would be very secure)
half or so of the striker spring
velocity screw

I am not 100% sure as to whether or not there is supposed to be a large black rubber bushing for the striker like there is in my Spyder, if there is, i need that too.

The striker is supposedly somewhere in the guy's garage, but if he can't find it, i'm just going to tell him to give the marker to the local aluminum recycler for scrap. His kid has some other electro paint hose now that he uses. The JT is more than likely going to be used by the dad once in awhile.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.
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