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I thought I'd be home alot more than I am this summer so I bought a starter package to have some backyard paintball fun with the buddies. Ended up using them once. They are amazing toys (actually they're hardly toys... i was surprised), I'm just working way too much to ever get around to using them.
3 practically brand new kingman training chaser markers/pistols (about 75 each + shipping)
5 magazines total (the extra magazines were 40 bucks)
3 sets of squeegees and 3 sets of tools and replacement parts.
11 brand new 12g cO2 cartridges... there are another 3 in the guns, but they're diffused by now most likely. (can only include these if picked up locally)
A nifty case to hold one or two of the pistols.
2 nice JT paintball masks. (29 each +shipping)
Brand new Kingman training 500 count bottle of orange 11mm paintballs... used about 40 of them maybe. (20$ +shipping)
Brand New Rap4 Clear 11mm Paintballs 1000 count bag, used maybe 30. These things work exactly as described. i was very impressed, they leave no residue and can be used near the house. ($50 + shipping)
Instruction manual and extra warranty information.

Im easily over $450 into this package. and i only used them once for about an hour. Im asking a lot less at $235 picked up or $255 shipped.

I have 2 ebay accouns with 100% positive feedback: BoxyMrsquishy and bbankrd
I welcome anyone to come pick them up in person. If you need them shipped i operate with paypal only... for the security of both ends.
I am located in the easy bay, bay area CA

email: [email protected]
Phone: 925-899-34six3

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