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We've got some tricked out Tippmann 98 Custom Markers. The AR Mods have been used once.

One is an AR15 Mod. 16 inch barrel w/ rail system and Muzzle Brake, Top Rail (for sight/scope), AR front sight, Response Trigger, Special Grip, 6 Position Buttstock, Hopper, complete with a custom desert camo paint scheme.

The other is an AR15 Sniper Mod. 20 inch barrel w/ rail system and Muzzle Brake, AR front sight, Double Trigger, Special Grip, Folding Stock, Hopper, complete with a custom woodland camo paint scheme.

Then there is a Tippmann 98 Custom marker, standard hopper and stock barrel, with a custom desert paint scheme. It has a front handle where you can connect your air to it and the power tube, but it seems to be leaking a bit of air. Might need just some plumbers tape or something, I don't know. ;-) Worst case scenario, just get a new power tube and hose for like 15 bucks off ebay.

We have an extra stock barrel and a paintball mask we will include.

The AR mods shoot like a charm. Turn up the power a bit, and you will hit whatever you aim at. I was impressed by their performance.

They are all cleaned and lubed. Shoot me an email if you have any questions, [email protected]

As far as pricing, looking for 375 for everything. And we can talk about shipping. Thanks


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