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Hey I'm looking to buy some 32 Degrees parts for a project I'm working on. Items and prices are listed

32 Degrees Sniper Barrel, Spyder threads - $25 shipping included
32 Degrees Magnaport valve (full kit) - $15 shipping included
32 Degrees venturi bolt - $10 shipping included. I'll add an extra 5 if you have a cocking rod attached
32 Degrees 2003 style expansion chamber (black) - $15 shipping included

Also looking to get a 32 degrees ASA on/off adapter, 32 degrees drop forward, a thumb knob velocity adjuster, and 32 degrees lpc or vaccuum chamber. Suggest your own prices.

I'm curious to find out how good of a Spyder I can make using all 32 Degrees parts if you're wondering about the project.

Thank you in advance for reading my post :)
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