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Im gonna sell these CD's for $85 or best offer. Please add $5 for Shipping charges.

1) Mortal Treason- A call to the martyrs.
2) As I lay dying- Frail words collapse.
3) Norma Jean- O'God the after math.
4)Training for Utopia- Technical Difficulties.
5) Zao- Legendary
6) Zao- The funeral of God.
7) Demon Hunter- Summer of Darkness.
8) Killswith Engage- End of Heartache(LTD Edition Bonus CD)
9) Shadows Fall- The art of Balance.
10) Lamb of God- Ashes of the wake.
11) Caliban- The opposite from ithin.
12) Dry Kill Logic- Dead and Dereaming.
13) Anthrax- We've come for you all.
14) Blood Has Been Shed- Spirals
15)Mudvayne- End of all things to come.
16) Mudvayne- L.D. 50
17)Mudvayne- The beginning of all things to end.
18) 36 crazyfists- A snow capped Romance.
19) Die Trying- Self Titled.
20) Rise Against- Siren song of the counter culture.
21) Every time I die- Hot Damn.
22) The Dillinger escape Plan- Miss Machine.
23) Eighteen Visions- Obsession.
24) Atreyu- The curse.
25) Avenged Sevenfold- Waking the fallen( autographed by them at the Vans warped tour.)
26) Bleeding through- This is love, This is Murderous(LTD Edition, with Bonus CD)
27) Breaking Benjamin- We are not alone.
28)Flaw- Endagered Species.
29) Sinch- Self Titled
30) Chevelle- wonder whats next.
31) Chevelle- This type of thinking could do us in.
32) Endo- Songs for the restless.
33) Endo- Evolve.
34) E town Concrete- Made for War.
35)Terror- One with the Underdogs.
36) Full Blown Chaos- Wake the demons.
37) Bury Your Dead- Cover your Tracks
38) A perfect Murder- Unbroken
39) Disciple- Back Again.

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how much for Killswith Engage- End of Heartache and Chevelle- This type of thinking could do us in?
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