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ovice and lower event.

Magnolia Arkansas Southark Welcome to South Arkansas Paintball.

3man PSP 15bps Field size 110x75

Pay out on ten teams as follows
1st 50%=500
2nd 25%= 250
3rd 15% =150
4th 10%=100

Entry $100
PMI Premium $65 and PMI Stinger $50.
AIR: $40 Per Team

For any info or questions please email or call [email protected] 318-949-2099 or 888-459-ball

The Series Prize will be made up of 10% of entrys Winner takes all Trophys 1st through 3rd.

The series points will be the same the entire time (not a progression) and you will have to play at least 4 out of 5 events with a roster of at least two players constant.

Series points will be awarded as follows 10pts for participation 20pts Semis, 4TH 30pts 3RD 40pts 2nd 50pts 1st 60pts

Classification of novice is: never played above D2 or placed in more than 4 novice D3/D2 events in 2006.


The dates of each event are as follows:
February 18th 2007 - At Proving Grounds
March 25th 2007 - At South Ark
May 27th 2007 - At Proving Grounds
July 15th 2007 - At South Ark
August 26th 2007 - At Proving Grounds
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