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STeeCHfinger Studios Presents

GAME NAME: Terminator Resistance
GAME DATE: April 10 2010
GAME TIME: 10:00am – 4:00pm
LOCATION: Fightertown Paintball Park, Surprise AZ
PRICE: $35 all day air included (co2 extra)
PAINT: B.Y.O.P (Rentals must use field paint)
RENTALS: $10 Includes Paintball Marker, Air, Mask& Chest/ Back Protector

A: Tech-Com Resistance
B: Skynet a collective of artificially intelligent computer-controlled machines bent on the extermination of the human race.

A: Red
B: Blue

A: GENERAL: General Ashdown
X.O.: John Connor
B: GENERAL: Skynet mainframe
X.O.: Skynet mainframe

Destroy skynet and free humanity
Destroy all humans and protect the Skynet Mainframe

General Ashdown
John Connor


Objectives Captured
Missions complete

Heli-drop card
New Terminator plans
Skynets Kill List
Kyle Reese
Location of resistance HQ
Missile Launch codes

2018, Los Angeles, the war rages between humanity and Skynet .Skynet has destroyed much of humanity in a nuclear holocaust, machines have takeen over the world , directed by the artificially intelligent computer Skynet. With its sole mission to completely annihilate humanity, it has developed cyborg assassins called Terminators that carry the outward appearance of humans. A man named John Connor starts the Tech-Com resistance to defeat them and free humanity.

Game format:
Each general will be given missions at the top of the hour. They will have 40 minutes to complete the missions. At the end of the 40 minutes, the game manager will contact field refs to decide if the mission was a success or a failure. There will then be a 20 minute break before the next mission is given out.

Scenario Specific Rules

Player Insertions:
Players are only allowed to insert through their respective insertion point. Insertion points for each team will be clearly marked. In some scenario games, due the large playing field, there may be special insertion points that can be shared among multiple teams. These special insertion points will often be restricted or limited for safety reasons. You may ask the referee who is stationed at these insertion points for the specifics regarding the insertion restrictions.

Standard Elimination:
If you are hit anywhere and the ball breaks, you’re out. If you are hit with paint from a grenade, you’re out. Gun hits are an exception and do not count.

Walking out of bounds:
If you leave the field of play, you’re eliminated and you must return to your insertion point to return to play. A medic cannot heal you if you walk out of bounds.

Leave the field and go back to your reinsertion point. The referee there will tell you when you can reenter. You may only insert at your team’s insertion point! Do not insert yourself at another team’s insertion point. Doing so can have you ejected from the game!

Barrel Tag
If you manage to sneak close enough to an enemy player to touch him with your barrel, lightly tap him and say “Barrel tag, you’re dead.” Respect the player you are tagging and do not jab, punch or otherwise physically assault them. Just a light tap with your hand to alert them of the tag.

If you are barrel tagged, do not say a word. Put your barrel sleeve on and walk to the dead box. Respect the move and be thankful that you were not shot point blank.

Surrenders are difficult to police and therefore are optional. If you are within ten feet of another player, you may offer surrender. That player may or may not accept it. Surrender is a common courtesy but is not always possible, and some players would rather take the close hit than accept the offer. Reminder: Do not shot other players in the neck or head from this range.

Dead Men Don’t Talk
If you are eliminated, you must not communicate any information to another player. The only thing you are allowed to say is “I’m out.” If you have a radio, you may say, “I’m out” to anyone listening, but you must not communicate any other information. When you have reinserted, you can fill your team in on what happened, but you must wait until then to do so.

There are props on the field that add to the storyline and are either worth points or convey abilities to those who possess them. Props may not be removed from the field under any circumstance. If you are eliminated while carrying a prop, you must drop the prop where you stand. If you carry a prop out of play, your team may be assessed a points penalty.

Jamming is illegal. Do not attempt to jam another player’s frequency. Do not use or listen to the ref channel unless you need to report an emergency. You may, however, monitor any other frequency that you wish.

Cease fire
In the event of an injury or other emergency, the refs will signal cease fire with air horns. Immediately take a knee, place your marker on the ground, remove your hands from your marker, and wait until the refs yell “All clear.” This is required to make the field safe for medical personnel. Do not move during a ceasefire, and do not touch your marker except to put your barrel sleeve on. Do not bring an air horn or attempt to cause a fake cease fire. Doing so will get you ejected from the field without a refund.

Arm band / hopper tape
You may only wear your team’s color tape. Tape may be placed on the left or right arm, hopper, and should be somewhere between your shoulder and your elbow. Wearing no tape at all is acceptable – but be forewarned that your team may not trust you if you have no identification!

No overshooting:

Blind Firing:
Blind firing is not allowed!!!!!! Blind firing is firing your marker with out presenting a target for the opposing player to see

Each team will receive missions throughout the game. The general will assign a mission leader and they will attempt to complete the mission. To participate in missions, talk to your general or command staff.

Field Points:
Most fields will contain a scoring station. At specific times throughout the game, specific locations will be worth points. Typically, a flag must be raised or a “flip stick” must be flipped to signify that your team has captured that location to score the corresponding points for that location.

Players are not allowed to move or introduce bunkers or barriers prior to or during the game without approval.


General –
Leader for his side. Not worth points unless there is a specific mission targeting him.

Appointed by the General and can accept missions in the General’s absence.

LAW Gunner
Appointed by the General Day of game. Allowed to carry a LAW launcher and 5 rockets. Law gunners may only take out tanks. Players are not allowed to touch LAW rockets once fired. Refs will collect them and drop them in a bin at central command. A ref must see and verify a LAW rocket hit in order for the hit to count!

Appointed by the General Day of game. Allowed to repair, Tanks, Weapons, and also disarms / plant, C4, Mines, and any other Explosives. The ref must be shown engineer card in order for repair or arm/disarm to take place. Engineer must have 1 hand on the vehicle they are reprogramming for 1 minute for reprogram to be active.

Game specific rules for engineer and tanks
The engineer role in this game will be able to reprogram a disabled tank(using a reprogramer) to fight on his side for 5 minutes at that point the tank will self destruct and leave the field to respawn. Only skynet will have tanks in this game. The tank will require 2 hits from a rocket to destroy it , 1 hit will disable the tank for 5 minutes
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