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This is my long long long overdue review for the 550 for fighters dog collar, made by TheAznInvazn. I would like to apologize for the wait, and also thank you for the collar!

(hard to see the collar, but it's on his neck. His old collar is on the couch)

I must say that he was the easiest person I've ever had the opportunity to do business with. From start to finish I was getting updates every step along the way. I haven't had a more pleasurable buying experience in my life, and I vouch for him 100%.

Ordering: 9/10 - I decided to purchase the collar for my dog(Bond) after seeing a thread in the Lounge. He PM'd me more information than I ever could have asked for, and I felt extremely comfortable making this purchase. As I was unable to decide what color to choose, I asked, and he gave several recommendations. I told him to go with what he thought would look the best, and it looks great. The only reason I'm giving this a 9 is because I had trouble finding out how to select the size I wanted, as you don't select the size upon purchase, but instead you just have to message him.

Shipping: 10/10 - The collar was made from scratch and I received it in about a week! I had thought it would take at least 2-3 weeks, and this was a major +!

First impressions: 10/10 - The collar is flawless! Perfectly made and just extremely nice for a dog collar. It was packaged nicely, and shipping was free! It also looked great against his black coat.

Uh oh: I soon realized he was able to slide it off his head(obviously an issue), so I took it off and measured it. Exactly what I ordered. I went back and checked the size of his old collar, and realized that every time I took a measurement of it, the size changed. I realized the issue was old and wouldn't lock right anymore.

Resolution: 10/10 - After messaging him about my problem, he gave me a couple easy things to try to make the collar smaller. I put this on the back burner as I was studying for a big test, and received a message from him checking on how it worked. Although it didn't shrink much, I had never before met a seller that actually checked in on my side of things, rather than having to message them several times for any response.

Next: I sent it back, correctly measuring this time, at no cost at all! Even though it was completely my fault, he obviously takes pride in his work, and fixed it for free! He even paid shipping!

2 weeks later - Now, the collar is still in perfect condition and flawless. I'll soon be transferring his dog tags onto the new collar, and it has held up perfectly!

Overall - All this for... $20 bucks. Shipping back and forth twice, making it by hand, and all the work that went in, this was a bargain. Only issue? I would say the material is pretty stiff, and isn't really made for collars. Unless it fits perfectly like mine does now, I could see it fitting awkwardly on a dogs neck. If you buy this product, measure correctly!

Overall: 10/10
Appearance: 10/10
Performance: 9/10
Customer Service: 10/10
Value: 10/10

So what is 550 for fighters? 25% of all sales go to this cause. This was definitely a factor in my decision to buy as I've never seen such a high % of sales being donated, especially to something so great. Here's a little excerpt I stole from his ebay page. :rolleyes:

Operation Homefront said:
Supporting our Troops by helping the families they leave behind" with day-to-day assistance so deployed service members can focus on the War against Terrorism and not be preoccupied by the crises at home. Due to the devastating hurricanes, we have established a hurricane relief fund to assist those families who were assigned to military installations destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita. We are also assisting families of guard and reservists recalled for hurricane relief efforts.
Link to the facebook page: Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More
Link to TheAznInvazn's profile on PBF:

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Great review, and thanks for the high praises!
Your collar looks real nice on your dog too

Just as a side note, I'd like to mention that 550 for Fighters currently supports three different organizations!
If you buy regular bracelets and most other misc. gear that I sell, up to 25% of the final cost goes to Operation Homefront
If you buy anything marked as "PINK," up to 25% goes to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation
And finally, if you buy any pet items, up to 25% goes to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation

Again, thanks for the review, and enjoy your collar!

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Not yet. thumup:

He's outside for 6+ hours a day but isn't really one to roll around in anything. He got mud on it once but we just threw it in the washer in one of those bag things, came out good.
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