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$550 limit, what do you think would be the most bang for my buck?

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alright, i am saving up for an autococker because i got to use a mech. cocker(i believe it was a psychoballistics one) and was hooked. i love the complexity of them:) anyways, i am saving up to get one and i figured out ill have around $550 to spend at the end of july. well, i only have co2 tanks now so i will need to get them antisiphoned. here are my choices:

-ccm series 5 cocker... my only concern is how well the reg. handles co2

-wgp outkast... i like this one a lot, and i believe the stock reg handles co2 fairly well

-wgp 03 or 04 vert feed... a bit subpar compared to the other 2 guns previously mentioned, but i think i could pick one up for $300-350 and use the left over money to get a HPA tank.

-build my own from scratch... been totaling parts prices using ebay stores and things that have a buy it now icon(i hate being outbid) but i havent come up under $600. making sure i get ABSOLUTELY everything i need, any ideas for a full setup that i could build myself?

alright, those are the options im looking at now. i have a few general cocker questions also:

-what is the efficiency of a cocker? IE how many shots with a 68/4500, 88/4500, or 20oz co2 tank? would i be able to get a full case of paint shot through an 88ci tank with a stock 03/04 vert feed?

-can you suction time pretty much any cocker? or does that depend on the pnuematics and whatnot?

-with a $550 limit, what would YOU yourself get? i want to have as many options open as possible, but dont know where to start so i need some other ideas.

also, i have a 98custom now so i have most of the tools and oil and whatnot. i think i just need a valve tool, pnuematic lube, and maybe a few more things and ill be set.
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03/04 and hpa tank and ups.. a new 03 can be had for 260 bucks if you like red or green

an 03 with $300 of ups can be better than an outkast
^ Get an '03 and upgrade. (Barrel, pnues,HPA,reg,ect.) Also, the efficiency(sp?) is very good. I shot through about one and a half cases with my 90/4500 and still have more left in my tank. If you get it set good, dont touch it. Cockers are sensitive.
The SV is very very nice, and they look pretty good if you can find a dealer that sells them in colors.
Get the 03 or the CCM. Get HPA before you shoot it.
series 5 owns u *****...... nothing needs to be upgraded. then a n2 tank and ur set till u decide to get an eblade
Originally Posted by No0bIe_PaIntBal
series 5 owns u *****...... nothing needs to be upgraded. then a n2 tank and ur set till u decide to get an eblade
thumup:all true except for the ***** part.
Yeah CCM all the way, get a good 4500 tank like the Worrgas, Crossfire, so on.
CCM Series 5. I think it is a vary nice gun to find a place to buy from check out there dealers page. Got mine from "Bunker Boyz" they were really nice and helped me get my gun real fast. Then I had some questions and called James up about them he helped a lot. At the time they where the cheapest place to get a CCM now I dont know.

Yeh I'm gonna say ccm to, unless you can go on ebay or pbnation and find an ecocker then I would say that.
From what I heard CCM Series 5's are better then even an Orr-acle. I own a Series 5 but never handled an Orr-acle so I can not tell from experiance.

personally, I dont like the colors the orracle comes in too too much, so the series 5 might b better, but its kind of a preferance. just throwing in the option
orracle's pneu. are a lil better but the ccm frame is better so its basically even
ccm is 500 he has 550 so

get a used cocker
sense cockers have no resale value at all you can get a good one for cheap
I can get a new S5 for $450. Still resales cockers are good only if you know how to fix any problems you might have.

hey, im taking the guy's advise on getting a used cocker and i found a sweet deal.

its an '02 right feed(bleh, i can get a vert feed body later on)
has a shocktech the bomb 3 way
wgp sto ram
eclipse blade(not eblade) trigger
a barrel kit(forget the name, its a .689 back and a 10, 12, and 14" fronts
a delrin bolt(forget which one)
and i forget which front reg it has

its a great deal($200) so im gonna take it.
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