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Today, February 5th, 2006 my tank was stolen from Operation paintball in Hayward, California

It is a 68/3000 pmi pure energy. It was made in November of 02, and has been since rehydroed and has two scratches on the reg from the wrench that took the reg off. The gauge is about 900 psi more than it actually reads and its a kapp gauge. It has a new tank oring on it. There is a fill nipple cover on a coiled leash type thing that attaches it to the tank.

It has a sticker confirming that it has been rehydroed and says something along the lines of "Oakland acme fire extinguisher..." it would have the number and some other details too. Last of all it has a dye rhino tank cover.

If anyone finds a tank matching this description contact me through AIM at shampoopoodave or through gmail at [email protected]

Thats the best pic I could find.
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