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-My feedback can be found Here
-All prices OBO, and all included shipping (USPS Priority/First Class for the straps)
-Please post here before PMing me. -Because of my current situation, it is a huge hassle for me to ship things, so I will not part out, and discounts/bonuses will be given to anybody buying multiple items
-Once paid for, it may take me 2-3 days to ship (see above) I usually ship same day, but in my current situation I cannot promise that.
TRADES WANTED- Cocker parts (single frames, back blocks, pump kits, internals), Angel threaded feednecks, 86* phantom grip, cocker threaded barrels, 2+1 pack, nice masks (a proflex would be nice)

68/3000 Pure Energy Tank w/ Eclipse Cover-$60 Shipped OBO
This is a great tank, in extremely good condition. Bought it awhile ago almost new, and have barely used it since. Hydro was Feb/05, so it is due up again next February, but after that will be good for 5yrs. Comes with Planet Eclipse tank cover, also in like new condition.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts