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AutoMag Ready 2 Rock Tank,Hopper, etc...

Alright I have to repost because of of the no ebay rule (sorry didn't see it)(I think that rule's dumb and dont understand it). Anyway heres the specs and (if this is O.K.) it is on ebay for sale if you like it.

a 68 Classic AutoMag with an Evolution 2 Hopper, an Air Tank, and A Dye Attack Pack. The AutoMag has many upgrades including:

A Dye Stainless Steel Barrel 14” $100
A VL Front Grip $20
A Dead On Drop: Drop Forward 7”. With a Dye Gauge $40
A new AGD Grip $20
A 2 Fingered Flat trigger $20
An ANS Bolt $30
An ANS Regulator $40
So there is at least $250 worth of upgrades plus $210 for the gun, $75 for the hopper, $240 for the tank and cover, and $65 for the Attack pack which makes the total about $740 for everything all together. But this bidding will end at a much lower price. I’m also throwing in a new barrel, a parts kit, an allen wrench, and another drop forward. Here are some specs for the marker, Good and Bad.

· The marker is Extremely accurate and can pick off a shoulder from over 100’ away.

· The marker is nice and compact so it’s perfect for speedball.

· It’s very quiet and good for woods play.

· This is an all around good gun for anybody and almost any style of play.

· The Drop forward evens out the gun with a tank on it for a good feel.

· Easy strip down, undue the screw in the back, everything slides out.

· Easy cleaning

· The new parts are fairly new.


· The gun did not win the beauty pageant last year, for sure.

· On the front handle there is a scratched up hole for the hose to go through (I don’t use it with this drop forward.)

· The Sear is kind of worn and may need replacing in the near future.

· The plastic hopper adapter is ugly (especially ugly)

· And the trigger is kind of thin, Good and bad, Light but possibly bendable.
The things are very minor and currently will not affect the performance of the gun. The hopper is an Evolution 2 hopper that feeds at 18 bps (balls per second). It has stickers on it that I think make it look good but they come off easy if you don’t like them.
That’s about it. Here you have a compact, well shooting, and a well upgraded gun with a new hopper for sale. If you have any further questions I’ll be as honest as possible.
Dye Attack Pack with 6 pods. The Attack Pack has only been used about 3-4 times so it’s almost new and in perfect condition. The pods are in great condition as well. This Pod harness is use by the professional players of all types and is very comfortable. The 56 mph Velcro keeps it on you through the tough time of paintball. This is worth about $65
The Air Tank is a 92/88 ci. (Cubic inch) 4500 psi. (Pounds per square inch) Crossfire Compressed Air tank with a Dye Rhino cover. The tank is nearly brand new (only used about 5 times) and the cover is about the same. Together they are about $225-$250 but the auction will end for less. You get about 1000-1500 shots depending on your marker. This size and psi are great for nearly all types of play.

IF NE1 would like to know the link to my auction you can email me at [email protected]
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