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-All guns leave my hands in working condition, Yours will as well!
-You came to me, your shipping first.
-You will be shipping first!!!

Alright everyone I'm selling off my gun collection willing to look at trades for eclipse guns and axe's

All of these work, shoot, and have zero leaks

Tippmann a5
Stock trigger frame + Installed e-frame
Adjustable stock
Bigger hopper
Expansion chamber
20oz co2 tank (has never seen co2 has only been used on Compressed air)

evil omen
Upgraded straight trigger


Evil omen
Impulse sp reg
Shocktech drop and on/off
10" barrel


Dangerous power f8
All stock
Shoots ropes
Clampng feed neck
On/off asa


Ebladed orracle
Shocktech bolt
Shocktech cocking rod
Evil barrel
Boblong reg
Shocktech valve
Clampng feed neck
----thing is stupid accurate, just could use a little fine tuning on the trigger-----


Sp impulse
Shocktech bolt
Evil reg
Evil on/off
Drilled for eyes
Clampng feed neck


Sp sft shocker
Wave trigger
Freak with one insert
Dye grips
68/4500 max flow (still with good until 5/13)


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