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i have a mongoose lcd, and i lost my battery recharger, and i have no idea where to get one. i found the exact thing i have on walmarts website

link: 9.6 Volt Rechargeable Battery Kit - Wal-Mart

i have the battery itself, but im missing the charger. for some reason, that product isnt available online, and the store near me doesnt have it. I've looked on online paintball stores and havnt been able to find what im looking for either.

does anyone know where i can find one of these?

and do i even need the 9.6v rechargeables? or can I use just regular nine volts? its been so long since ive played i forgot. but i think if i use regular 9 volts, they die pretty quickly. can anyone help me out?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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