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9 oz c02

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my tippman comes w/ a 9oz tank, how long will that last, how soon shoould i look into getting a bigger one?
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9 oz is like 500 shots i think with a 98 custom
it depends on how much you should and how my games in between games.

cause if you play at your own field and dont get fills for a while then you might want to think about a 20 oz
I would suggest instead of bigger get more. WAY back i before I could get nitro anywhere close I needed to use co2. I would use a couple of shorter tanks. a 9 and 12 would last as long as needed and then some.
I had a 9 and 12 but then i just got 2 20oz's they lasted for about 800 shots on my spyder compact and 1000 or more on my impy nothing i have nitro though. :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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