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A couple of years ago :)eek: man life gets real busy and flies by!) I posted pics of my autococker to help date it, and maybe identify it. Some folks helped me in that I was told it is a 1995 model. What I have not been able to find out, is who actually made it. I thought it may have been made by WGP, but have not found any markers similar to mine. I did find a picture of one very similar made by Bob Long. I purchased it new in either 96 or 97 from Cousin's paintball in NY. It has not been used in a very long time, my tank is outdated, and am not able to run air through it. I don't know enough about it to part it out, so I figured I'd sell it complete.

I would imagine seals and o-rings have probably dried out, and may need replacement. I would like to ask 140.00, and I will pay shipping in the lower 48. I will accept paypal only.
Any questions, pm me.
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