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98 custom f/s

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flatline barrel
double trigger
expansion chamber
20 oz tank
remote coil
9v viewloader clear hopper(needs lid)
32 degrees harness holds 4 tubes and a tank
4 fatboy tubes
jt crossfire mask
32 degrees blue jersey
2 squeegees
stock hopper and regular viewloader hopper

marker in great condition, used only a few times, and get all original parts with it.

not sure how much i want to let it go for just make an offer and we'll go from that.
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idk i was hoping for a lil more than that. ima see what other offers i get and ill get back with ya.
180 for the marker flattie mask 20 0z stock hopper
anybody else have an offer?
you guys are offerin that much?!?!
have any pics
email to [email protected]
sorry no pics, i dont have a camera but the gun is in great condition. if i can get hold of a camera ill post some pics.
$180 or best offer. need to sell
ill give you 65 for the flatline and ill ship you my JJ Ceramic.
well the marker is now on ebay and no im not doing any sort of trading with anyparts or the gun itself.

if someone bids and wins without anyone else bidding ill sell it for 180 instead of the 200
Starting bid 200$...
yea i dont know y i didnt just start it cheaper but i figured its ebay someone might have bid on it, but i guess not. either way i need to sell it bad, need the money for muh car
sold. ill let everylook for themselves to see for how much thumup:
$300 wow you made off huge without any pics or nothing
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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