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I want to sell this 98 custom pro. It is in good shape and only a year old. It has been adult owned and regulary maintained.

I have incuded with the marker many upgrades and attachments.
1) Stock Barrel
2) 16" Smart Parts Linear Barrel
3) Flatline Barrel
4) Adjustable Stock
5) Remote Tank Line
6) Red Dot Sight
7) Pen Spring- Makes trigger more "feathery"
8) After market Bolt Springs- Controls paintball velocity
I have a total of six (one in gun + stock spring + 4 other different tensions). Currently the least tension spring is in, giving a velocity of 210FPS. With the highest tension spring, it has a velocity of 360FPS. The speeds were checked at my local feild with their new chronos.
9) Double Trigger
I painted the trigger gold, it looks good in my opinion, but it is personal preference.
10) Screw replacements
I replaced some of the screws with copper (gold) screws. It is the four that hold on the grip and the two that hold on the feed neck.
11) Drop Forward
I forgot to include this in the pics, but it is just a regular, metal, black drop forward.

I consistanly clean the gun and has been cleaned and lubed today.

I am asking $175 everything, but will consider resonable offers. I would also like to sell all of this at once, but send me an offer for individaul items.

I am aware that I don't have many posts, but I can get you refferals from other sites upon request.

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