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I realize this is a repost but I was tired of bumping my old thread because I felt the title was misleading. I have dropped the price and changed a few things also.

I used this gun for about 4 months, probably about a dozen times total. Cleaned and oiled it after every use. It is in great shape and perfect working condition.

Included in bundle:
Tippmann 98 Custom
Double Trigger
Rocket Cock
Response Trigger
Ricochet AK Hopper
Drop (forgot name)
14" SP Progressive Barrel
2 stock barrels
Dye Stickey Grips
Expansion Chamber
Polished Internals

Gun Case
Most Stock pieces
Owners manual & tools
Other odds and ends

The tank in the picture is not included.

I need some money and don't have time to play anymore so my loss is your gain. Asking for $225 shipped within continental US OBO. Give me some offers.


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