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im not asking 98 questions
im asking questions for the 98
well . . . the 98's

what is the difference in the 98 custom and the 98 custom pro?

and the ACT
its only $10 more
sounds good for $10, yes?


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The All New Tippmann 98 Custom ACT

Tippmann's all new Anti-Chop Technology (ACT) is a new system consisting of a rear bolt, front bolt and linkage arm with movements that are dictated by the location of a paintball in the chamber prior to firing.
If a paintball is fed correctly, the system's front bolt and rear bolt travel together - connected by the linkage arm - to fire the ball. However, if a ball is lodged inside the chamber incorrectly, the front bolt will stop moving forward as soon as it makes the slightest contact with the lodged ball. The rear bolt continues moving forward, but is momentarily disconnected from the linkage arm until it hits the marker's air valve. Upon reaching the air valve, the rear bolt is quickly forced back as it reconnects to the linkage arm, which pulls the front bolt back into firing position. While the two bolts are traveling back together, the lodged ball falls into position and the marker then cycles itself to discharge the ball at normal velocity.

The Tippmann 98 Custom ACT combines all the great features of the original Tippmann 98 Custom, and with the ability to accept the Tippmann Response Trigger System, the Tippmann 98 Custom ACT is also now compatible with the Tippmann E-Trigger system (formerly only available for the 98 Custom Pro).

Technical Info:

Caliber .68
Action SEMI Automatic (Open bolt blow-back)
Hopper Capacity 150+
CO2 Capacity 250+ shots per 9 oz. cylinder (Not Included)
Cycle Rate 11BPS
Standard Barrel Length 8.5"
Length - Overall (with Standard Barrel & no tank) 19.625"
Weight (without tank) 2.9 lbs
Effective Range 150+ ft.

The Tippmann 98 Custom Includes:

* Tippmann Model 98 Custom ACT
* 8.5" Barrel
* Barrel Sleeve (For Safety)
* Barrel Squeegee
* 200 Rd. Hopper
* Manual
* Allen Wrenches
* Spare Tank O Ring

The Tippmann 98 Custom Pro ACT picks up where the standard Tippmann 98 Custom ACT left off, with an upgraded barrel, drop forward and performance double trigger.

no affiliation w/tippmann :D
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