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I just go laid off from my job of three years so I need to clean out the gear bag. This is an amazing pump and hasn't even seen a day on the field since I've owned it. When it showed up it had rust, a notchy pump stroke, and overall was just is terrible condition. Since I've owned it I've cleaned it from top to bottom, replaced the internals with new stock ones, and made it just shoot amazingly well.

Here's the specs and pics:

'99 KAPP Body
'99 CCM Deluxe Pump Kit
Chrome WGP Hinge Frame
ANS Quick Pull Bolt
KAPP Gas Thru foregrip
Green main spring, super light valve spring
Chrome WGP stock regulator (Not pictured but included. In perfect condition.)

Also will include a Brass Eagle pocket hopper.

No barrel is included but I have a barrel kit for sale in my other thread here: Click Here


Gun with purple Freak tip: $200 OBO shipped/paypal
Without Freak tip: $180 OBO shipped/paypal


I'm not really looking to trade but if you have something interesting let me know. BY INTERESTING I DO NOT MEAN IONS!

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