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It is a '99 STO w/
Eblade 2 with ramping and training modes,
Planet Eclipse Delrin Bolt,
Planet Eclipse Delrin Push Pin,
System X rail,
System X on/off,
CP shorty Reg,
Free Flow Ram w/QEV's,
Palmers Micro Rock LPR,
Fang Ball Detent,
Empire 14' Barrel w/ 2 backs,
All Blue hosing.

I have had this gun shooting 18's consistantly with no bounce. It could go faster but my fingers can't.

VIDEO: note that the sound is slightly off I'm not sure why. This video is shot with my old bolt in, the new one runs even smoother.

price: 420 shipped, this is an AMAZING gun

trades offer up:interested in freestyles! aso shockers, pm's, etc.

not looking at other cockers, ions, imps, bushys, etc.

Post here before contacting me. EVER.
You ship first, i have plenty of good feedback, if you insist on a 3rd party, we do it through a mod and you pay fees both ways.
Free ups are appreciated, and i'll more than likely return the favor!

Let's get this traded/sold
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