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elemental designs is clearing out inventory. These subs aren't really meant for cars more than for home audio systems. A few weeks ago they were selling 8 inch ones for $5 and i missed out.(some guy actually bought 18 of them for his home audio!

I picked one up. I figure since I'm building a box for my car over christmas, i may as well make a box for this one while I'm at it. If you've never heard of this company, it's time you found out. anything they make is worth it's weight in gold.

ooh, almost forgot the link:) Theyr'e pretyt backed up right now though. they're saying if you don't order by tomorrow, things wont' arrive till after christmas.
Elemental Designs

Since i don't have a entertainment system type stero system, I'm looking for ideas on how to power this sucker. any ideas?
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