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I used this gun in speedball and it rips but the only reason why im selling it is because its too bulky for xball. I herd its nasty in woods too

Tippmann A-5
Double trigg
32 Degrees Universal drop forward 7.5" forward,2.5" down
Dye 14" 2-piece boomstick black/chrome
polished internals
Angel barrel condom
special wide mouth 200rnd hopper
20oz CO2 tank
New spring kit
trigger mods
2 20oz buttplates
20oz CO2 cover (reversable black/camo)

the A-5 still has 4 months of warranty left, and a new power tube. It comes with the manual, allen wrenches. I payed around 500 for it all so im askin 360 shipped.

AIM: crunch5868
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