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A good 3 Way

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So if i upgrade the 3 way what will improve??

what is a good brand?
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FF Bullet or Besales Hollowpoint

shorter trigger pull
get an eblade...solves more than your 3 way problem.
i'm curious about weather the wgp ct 3 way is better then the besales hollowpoint, i'm stuck between the two what do you guys think i should do i shoot a wgp hinge frame
ive got a orry 3-way. but ive never tried a belsales, so i dunno
I got a Shocktech Bomb, i love it, real short and snappy trigger pull too. It NEVER leaks either.
CT 3-way all the way no leaks and hella short trigger pull
I always thought the best 3-way would be me and 2 playboy playmates of the month... LOL!

Actually, I have heard very good things about the shocktech bomb.
get a 3 way with 3 o-rings, because it makes for a shorter trigger pull
ex. shocktech bomb 3-way or hybrid 3-way
The ct is nice because it is fully customizable and adjustable.
ct 3 way or a free flow or a besales don't get anything other then those though, because they are the best oh yah i forgot palmers
are all of u crazy the shoctech bomb is ths shortst pull and best 3 way on market
Well its either a Shocktech Bomb or Palmer
Shocktech Bomb
i had a belsales 3 way. very nice. had no problems with it. they were a little hard to find. but then i got an eblade.:)
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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