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a good tournament marker for me

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i am ineed of some help i have found this marker but wondering if it is a good deal the marker is this and has these upsfor 300 2002 STO Body - Blue
Kapp Reflex Trigger Frame
Orracle 3 way
Orracle LPR
STO Ram with QEV exhaust Valves
Dye Stickes 04
Custom Products Flame Drop
Custom Products On/Off ASA
Outkast Regulator
Dye Psi guage
14" Dye Boomstick
STO Ball Detent
Worr Games Venturi Bolt
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If you want a tourney marker, this aint the right section.

The gun's good.
good gun go for it
Yes, go for it. Most definatley a good gun.
ya that would be a great gun, go for it!
I'd get an electro if I were you. Sure a cocker is good, but in tourny play; i feel more comftorable knowing i can put out 20bps if needed
I would definately buy that for 300... Good deal with all the stuff on it
that's a good deal, get it, you could always do a home mod to shorten the trigger pull later
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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