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EDIT: omg i punned myself and didn't even realize it /edit

So gang. Don Ton has a buncha stuff he's offloading. let me know if youre interested (assuming you don't deal with don/tonsixer already). i'm local / on the team so i'm pretty high on the priority list.

here's the thread on MCB.

Bunch of Markers -

even if you don't play pump, check them out... hella sexy...

and here's the copy paste

2slow4me said:
Clearing out a bunch of guns. Letting Canadians and locals have the first shot at these.

Prices do not include shipping.
Guns are properly functioning unless stated otherwise.
Not parting out unless stated otherwise.
Guns come as pictured.

Gen 1 Dukie DSG *Willing to part

Comes with Palmers barrel (.684 w/ wedgits)
Raptor Pirate Grip
Pistol Grip
Custom Aluminum Bolt w/oring

Asking $900

CCM Right-Feed S6

Shortened Barrel
.684 Barrel Back

Asking $850

Half-Block Vert Feed

Half Block
Ego Feedneck
Vendetta Pump Kit

Asking $300

AM-P Illusion

Freak Bored Barrel

Asking 250

Halfblock MQ2 Sniper

Body is unslotted for MQ2.

Asking 450


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part 2

Midblock Freeflow Rythm

Asking $325

PTP Purple Nights

Comes with original Expansion Chamber

Asking $300

Midblock Prostock

Ego Feedneck Mod
Freak Bored Barrel

Asking $325

Empire Trracer

Freak Bored Barrel

Asking $90

Tippmann SL68-II

Asking $75

CCI Phantom

Undercocking Kit

Asking $275

CCI Micro-Phantom

Open Class Feed
Dropout Valve
Undercocking Kit

Asking $275


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part 3

Midblock Black Magic

Matching Freak Bored Barrel


Bolt Action Trracer Rifle

Received in trade; cleaned up shroud and made a new custom trigger.

Asking $250

Line SI Bushmaster

Asking $225

Modified KP2

Originally a KP2, converted to open class then reconverted to springfeed.

Asking $550

K-Frame PGP

Sergison K-Frame
Quick Feedgate
Comes with Holster

Asking $275

Classic Trracer

Asking $60

2011 Bob Long G6R

Custom Ano'd
LP Poppit Installed

Asking $800

E - Black Magic

E1 Frame

Asking $400

Thanks for looking!
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