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I <3 Brian Peppers.
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-Unreal Championship
-Tony Hawk 2x
-Rainbow Six 3
-Ghost Recon 2
-NHL 2K3
-Jet Set Radio Future
-NFL Fever 2002
-Ghost Recon Island Thunder
-LOTR Fellowship of the ring
-Brute force
-Hunter the Reckoning
-Red Faction
-Ghost Recon
-Memory Card
-5 Controller(1 aftermarket, 3 Duke, 1 S)
-DVD Playback Kit
-Stock cables
-A Million Demos from OXM

Package Only
Gimme an offer.
Will trade for PB Guns Ion, Wraith, Evo(maybe), etc.
M/O or Paypal
Pics? Let me know.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts