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a3 products

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a3 products any good??

i all ways see a3 prouductsfor cheap on ebay i was wondering if there tanks and there fill stations were any good ???
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i have one of their tanks and it works fine for me
i have heard some bad things about there products at pbreview. but i dont know personally, f i were you i would go with a more reliable brand, like crossfire
the only thing bad about them is the reg unit its alittle cheaper than other brands the tank is just the same and as far as finding a review i couldnt find one not even on pbreview or ne where for that matter so im gonna work with what i got if i have to replace the reg sooner or later ill do it i just hope its later than sooner
The reason you won't see a review of any 3a products on pbreviews is because they were banned from there for having shills write bogus reviews of thier products. 3a markets mostly on E-bay where they prey on a basically uniformed customer base. Thier quality control is iffy - They buy OEM tanks and put an aftermarket reg in them, and slap on a sticker (or not, I have heard that the sticker you get comes sepearte in the box). Thier barrels are cheap and thin with very poor anno that flakes off.

But perhaps themost complelling reason not to do buisness with 3a is that their customer service is really really poor.

I have personally had difficulties with them over them sending me a different product then what I ordered, changing pictures in auctions after auctions close in order to say the mix up is "my fault." Posting negative feedback for me with the claim that "I did not attempt to resolve the issue with them prior to me posting feedback" ( which is bull and I have the e-mails to prove that I followed ALL of thier CS policies to the letter!) And finnally, they wont work with you to resolve the issue. Thier attitude is 'too damn bad for you, we already cashed the check."

So buy if you want to. I am telling anyone who is interested that you are better of buying from or any other REPUTABLE dealer. You may pay a bit more, but you will be much happier in the long run.

3a is the used car salesman of the paintball industry. Buyer beware.
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thanks but lik i said mines workin fine and if i need to ill replace the reg unit
how aobut there fill stations?
i wouldn't trust their fill stations
anything that has to do with heavy duty air applications(like fill stations) are always worth spending the extra buck on for quality; having a cheap fill station that can bust on u and cause injuries is bad.
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