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I have been out of the game since 97 when I first got out of high school and took off to waste money in college. I am currently getting fellow federal guards, local cops, and anyone else together for some woodball and building clearing.....if we can find a building. I don't have much money with my new baby and all so I am starting lite.

Here is my new setup:

1 x Old School VM-68 Magnum (Like my old one for a loaner gun)

1 x Tippmann A5 W/
Cyclone feeder
Ricochet Hopper
J&J 14" barrel
Rufus Dawg Wicked Bolt Kit
Hot Fire Rod
Wargear soft paddles
Remote CO2 line
EOTEC style red dot

1 x V-Force Profiler mask

1 x Blackhawk tactical vest (I wear one at work and love it)

My birthday is this week so I asked my wife for a 20lbs CO2 tank so I can do everyone's fills.

Any additions anyone recommend?

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The VM-68 workhorse.. lol.. that brings back memories... You don't see those much anymore.

The a-5 is a great marker for what you are looking to do. Many people use it with a remote and tactical harness such as what you describe, and it works great for them.

Welcome back to the sport. Let me know how the tactical training goes.
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