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A5 w/ R/T, SOLD $315 + Shipping

A5 w/ R/T Teardrop barrel, Expansion, Drop ++ MORE --- SOLD
I have my A5 up for sale
ups include:
Smart Parts Tear Drop Barrel
Drop Forward
Block adapter
Expansion Chamber

Gun works awesome

Also comes with some other goodies:
20oz tank
9oz tank
original parts


Spyder Aggressor XT included as well
has red dot site, 32 degrees elbow, and CP two piece barrel

its listed on ebay at *edit.. not allowed to post links sorry* but it can be found on ebay if you do a search on my name "richnlucke"

Look at my feedback there Ive been on ebay for over 4 years and sold everything from Eq's head units and subs, to Golf balls


Looking for $350 shipped for everything..

PS- I have AIM on 24/7 so i can get back to you quickly name= richnlucke


1 - 2 of 2 Posts