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Accept Paypal only or trades (want trades more than anything)
Price includes shipping
Thanks for looking

I have a 2011 A5 with factory installed Reponse Trigger. It of course already has the cyclone system in it (also factory installed). I have the original barrel as well as a 14" J&J ceramic that will ship with it. I'm also throwing in the tank I use. It has a date stamp of 05/11 on it. It's a CO2 tank but the marker can also use air. This marker has never broken paint and has worked for me without fail. Comes with marker, barrel cover, tank and both barrels.
There is nothing wrong with this marker. I started playing about 5 months ago and this was my first marker. I just found that I like the electronic ones better.
Sack Boy is not included :p

$175, also looking for trades.

Admins please make sure I did this right :)


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2 reasons you may have problems with this

1) thread was started in 2011, and the poster has only made 8 posts on the forum, he is gone

2) one of those 8 posts is also in this forum directly above yours, he has already traded it less than a month after he posted his original ad

good luck on your search though
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