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Tippmman A5
E-Grip (electronic grip)
12" Dye Boomsticks
Flatline Barrel
Low Pressure Kit
92ci 4500psi Crossfire compressed air bottle
dye dropforward and dye airport
JT medium adult Jersey
PMI regulator
Smoke Richocket Loader
Pod pack that holds 4 pods, with 4 red transparent 140 ball pods
yellow dye invision '04 mask
dye barrel condom
I am also including 6-8 of the latest APG magazines
and more! just check out the pictures... A-5%20and%20other%20stuff/
(all of this was easily over $1000, and I'm sorry, I wont split it up because I will end up not getting half or more of it sold)
This will all go for $625, please email me at [email protected] to discuss about the price (I'm sorry, but I don't think I will take any trades because I am trying to use the money to preorder the xbox 360)
Thanks for looking!
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