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im using a imagine wit progressive barrel and my accuracy is all of the place....i cant hit the same thing twice if i tried....wat can i do to fix this?
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When you were shooting did you chop at all? Or your velocity is to high and the paint to barell match is off.
nope i wasnt chopping and velocity is fine.....will a reg fix my prob?
its the probobly the paint you are using, try a medium sized paint , like big ball, evil, or other rps paint, a reg would help keep the velocity constant, but the paint is probobly your problem
i think i get the bob long torpedo(inline...rite?) will i need anything else with that...lik tubing or the metal wiring?
by the way if it helps....i use i think diablo my imgaine w/ progressive...that a prob?
actually, diablo blaze is a small bore paint, .687, so that is probobly your problem, to much air getting around your ball, making it shoot a litlle slower and off target, and as gor the bob long reg, yes u want an inline reg, and you will need a metric to standard hose adapter because kingmans fittings are metric and the torpedos holes are standard
i can find that in any paintball store?....expenisve? but wat about hosing..will i need longer/shorter?
just buy a 12 inch hose and fittings, and i would look online for a torpedo reg


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it is a high pressure 12- hose?
yes that will work fine, or you could get macroline, its a lot cheaper and can be replaced very easily, i have it and prefer it to steel braided hosing
thx for da help
oops...1 question...which i want .... 1 elbow and 1 straight, 2 elbows?
i have the same problem with my TL + with a progressive, do u think its the paint for me, i cant hit anything, i shoulda had like 10 people today but the paint was everywhere, but near them.
TippyA-5 The2nd said:
oops...1 question...which i want .... 1 elbow and 1 straight, 2 elbows?
2 Straight. Works for me :).
i like 1 straight, 1 elbow, iit makes it eaisier to connect to you bottomline or drop
Both work, just prefrance. It's just a issue of comfort. With one of my regs you need a angled fitting or else it would look really really weird and feel just as weird. But if you add the angled one it is less awkward. Still looks funny though.
It's not so much the way your gas gets in your gun, that is an issue as it is your barrel-bore to paint-bore match. There is a chart on barrel-bore and paint-bore on
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