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Ok people, this is an almost new 2003 Gloss Black Shocker up for grabs. This gun has been extremely good to me and has never gone down, so I am in no hurry to sell.

This gun was proffessionally ACE'd about 2 weeks ago. What's really special about this ACE is that its not WAS or Chaos, but EGI, the same board found in NYX's and DM4's. This means you can put ANY DM4 aftermarket chip in this gun. I currently have a Legacy chip in mine. It is very very fast and very very rampy. It will pass chrono and bounce checks, but once you start playing with it its an animal. This is the AGGets and fastest gun I have ever shot.

  • ND RIP Trigger
  • Check it Clamping Rise
  • HE Bolt Kit (1400 Shots of a 68/45)
  • Freak w/ Custom boomy tip (all inserts available)
  • 20G switch (flipped)
  • INTERNAL Eyes (not visible at all, look at the left side pics)
  • EGI Board w/ Legacy Chip (VERY unique and rare)
  • I also have TONS of gear I could add on. Tanks, jerseys, knee pads, freak inserts, masks, red halo B, revvy's, TONS AND TONS of angel parts (electronics/batteries)....
  • new solenoid

Dry Fire Video
(You can get rid of that bounce by adjusting the trigger)

I am really only looking to sell this gun, I will only trade if it is highly in my favor or its a NIB Dm4. I will ignore/flame lowballers, so don't try. You will never find another Shocker like this. I won't let this go for less than $1100 with a bunch of extras I could throw in.

I accept PayPal (business certified, over 700 successful transactions) and Bank Certified Money Orders. I have 190+ Positive on ebay as well as other sites, contact me If you want to see it.

You can contact me on aim at anytime: R to the OBBO

Thanks for looking,
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