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  • LCD Body
  • Tadao 4.0
  • 14" Dye Ultralite
  • DM4 Grips
  • CP Trigger
  • CP Reg
  • CCM No-rise
  • Toxic Breach
  • Dye Backplate
  • Black Breach knob
  • Image Bolt Kit
  • Tophat Mod
  • Modded Spacer
  • New Vert ASA
  • Halo B
  • 68/45 MaxFlo

this gun shoots so good now. its

those pbfanatics stickers and the circle sticker i got from Bea Youngs yesterday. She came to the local shop after the Ronn Stern camp this week. She is comin out to the field and ballin with us this weekend too.


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Alex = Agg baller. Him and his Kid Kaos Bro's. CFOA 2004 baby!

Ne ways. Sweet machione dood. Got rid of my timmy for one, Gonna have it at CFOA next weekend

Ne ways. I think you should try and get an Evolve kit bro, 1,400 off a 45/4500.
I also don't dig the breech. NDz all the way :)

Really it's pimped to the max, but get a PReset cross fire w/ a Uni-mount cause SP's = not agg ;)

Aslo, Try and put an AKA SRM of w/e on it. It's the Self adjusting LPR :)

8/10 for now.

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CFOA 2004 :)

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sweet gun, i personaly dont like the looks of that frame you slapped on there, but, whatever you want, i didnt lay the bills down for it.

8.5/10 Angels
8/10 All guns.
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