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Selling a completely decked AGG Texas Storm Intimidator with 14" Dye Ultralite barrel and 12volt X-Board Revvy hopper. Gun is in outstanding condition with only a few cases through it. It has no noticable kick and has great accuracy and consistency. This gun gets over 1600 shots per 68ci 4500psi nitro fill. As seen in one of the pictures i have, this gun has cycled (with paint and no chopping/breaking) over 20BPS. I have cycled the gun on Debounce 1 at over 25bps flawlessly with a Halo B hopper.


Included in this Deal:

Texas Storm Intimidator, Black/Blue fade

Weight: 2.8 lbs
Board: W.A.S. Equalizer 2.6
LCD screen
Air Type: Compressed / Nitrogen
Pressure: 80psi with Volumizer-Very Low Pressure
Firing Modes: Full Debounce settings from 1-50 Milliseconds, allows for insane rates of fire. Competition mode for tournament play.
Bolt Style: Open bolt
Shot counter
Game timer
Torpedo regulator
Break Beam Anti-chop eye
Custom milling and low rise Clamping feed port
300 PSI Bob Long MINI gauge
Included Upgrades/Accessories:

- Wicked Air Sportz, Equalizer V2.6 Board

~ allows for extreme rates of fire and full adjustability of firing control systems.

~ lifetime warranty, check site for more info

- Shocktech Ram Kit with matching Adjustable Ram Cap

~ helps improve shot to shot consistency and decrease internal wear and tear

~ flat urethane ram bumper never wears out

- Bob Long Torpedo Volumizer

~ Lower pressure operation means more efficiency

- Blue Dye Sticky 3 Grips

- 300psi Bob Long Micro Gauge

~ Lower profile and more accurate than stock Aschcroft Gauge

- Dye Ultralite, Black 14" Autococker threads (stock 14" J&J barrel included also)

- 12volt Viewloader X-Board Revolution hopper, black

~ Feeds consistent 14BPS

This gun has all useful Intimidator Upgrades. It runs well and is a lethal weapon on the field. The gun has been serviced and tuned by only CERTAFIED Bob Long Techs. The gun has a new solenoid in it and all new o-rings. It has always been maintained properly.

For any questions or concerns about the marker package for sale (NO TRADES) please feel free to contact me by email at [email protected] or AIM at fattire073 or Phone at 267-987-2094.

---Shipping paid by buyer and I reserve the right to cancel this deal if any reason should arise to do so---

Asking $1,000 for package.
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