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Well, the title pretty much explains it.

What the ATBAF is all about:
It's about having an agg ass stuffed animal...

Your stuff animal must have something awesome that has to do with PB on it, along with your gun in the picture, post a picture of your agg stuffed animal with anything paintball related and with it holding your gun or with your gun in the pic. I will then make my judgement of whether or not your animal is agg enough for the ATBAF.

Here's mine:

Here's the agg teddy bear list:

1. 818_Baller: Leader of the Superduper agg teddy bears
2. Terrible1fi: AGG Teddy bear owner
3. kant_think: AGG Teddy Bear Owner
4. No1TubaPlayer: AGG Teddy Bear Owner
6. sumsimpleracer: AGG Parot Owner
7. bobide: AGG Teddy Bear Owner
8. vpraidersfan1: AGG Teddy Bear Owner
11. drktamer: AGG Teddy bear Owner
14. KidPaintball: AGG Teddy Bear Owner
17. OaklandDogs187: AGG Teddy Bear Owner
18. sick_dawg5440: AGG Teddy bear Owner
21: imprez55: AGG Teddy Bear Owner
69: olddfatbulldog: AGG Teddy bear Owner
Post up with the number you want also, but don;t post like 100 if we're on 20 or something.

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You guys should talk to HU$$$TLER, he's the original agg teddy guy.

When my Timmy comes in, I'll def get pics.

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borrowed my bros flex b/c using a JT nvadar just seemed wrong. Sry for the spyder ;0 but it's all i got. Though i do ball quite well w/ it rollin:

#7 would be nice. :smokin
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