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This is an unused 2005 (almost certain) Autococker I got it off ebay two weeks ago I've only shot about fifty balls through it just to make sure it worked. I put a dead on pb drop forward on it and a macro line bottom kit.
It comes with a 20oz and 12v hopper. Though I only shot it a few times I will definitely vouch for it's accuracy I have a bird house about 30 yards from my porch I put 6 out of 10 balls through the 3in diameter holes the rest were very close. I wish i could have played with it but I just broke both of my legs in a car wreck and it's gonna be next year before i'm back to full speed.
If you're interested I also have a 16in armson stealth it's for a spyder but i have the adapter to make it fit a cocker.
I'm having trouble adding the picture but i can email them to you. Or if someone can tell me how i'll post them, it's been loading for an hour and a half and still nothing.

shine on.
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For posting a picture.

Go to

Click "Browse" and find your picture

Click "Upload"

After it loads, it will give you many options. One is a "hotlink for forums" 1 or 2 Right click and select copy.

Come here and paste it. Before the URL type [ i m g ] (without spaces.) and at the end type [ / i m g ] (without spaces.)

That should do it.

Good luck selling your gun.

Ps. There are tons of posts on how to post a picture, so in the future, please search. thumup:
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