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uoutashapejeffry: Hello.
uoutashapejeffry: Can I have a few minutes of your time?
j00GotBunkerd: ok, whos this
uoutashapejeffry: For a little survey.
uoutashapejeffry: Steve Gotum from Random Surveys INC.
uoutashapejeffry: O.K...
j00GotBunkerd: ...
uoutashapejeffry: First question.
uoutashapejeffry: Are you a *******ual?
j00GotBunkerd: no
j00GotBunkerd: how did u get my name
uoutashapejeffry: From a random pool of names.
uoutashapejeffry: Do you like wombats?
j00GotBunkerd: no
uoutashapejeffry: Are you hetero***ual?
j00GotBunkerd: yea
uoutashapejeffry: Do you like turkey?
j00GotBunkerd: yes
uoutashapejeffry: Cold turkey?
uoutashapejeffry: If your wombat broke the law would you send him to Serbia?
j00GotBunkerd: i like cold turkey, and i wouldnt send my wombat to serbia
j00GotBunkerd: ur wierd but thats ok
uoutashapejeffry: O.K.
uoutashapejeffry: Do you like Chineese food?
j00GotBunkerd: yea
uoutashapejeffry: Won Ton Soup?
j00GotBunkerd: no
uoutashapejeffry: Do you like to eat turtles?
j00GotBunkerd: no
uoutashapejeffry: What state do you live in?
j00GotBunkerd: michigan
uoutashapejeffry: How do you like it there?
j00GotBunkerd: its ok, but canadians try an invade sometimes. but other than that michigan is pretty cool, a little cold tho
uoutashapejeffry: Oh I see.
j00GotBunkerd: u should
j00GotBunkerd: damn canadians
uoutashapejeffry: Have you ever designed a webpage?
j00GotBunkerd: yes
uoutashapejeffry: Can I take a look at it?
j00GotBunkerd: i made a few but they are closed
uoutashapejeffry: Oh.
uoutashapejeffry: Have you ever done anything else computer related?
j00GotBunkerd: yea
uoutashapejeffry: What else?
j00GotBunkerd: like what?
uoutashapejeffry: Anything?
j00GotBunkerd: like just doing stuff or working with them?
uoutashapejeffry: Both.
j00GotBunkerd: a lot
j00GotBunkerd: i can do pretty much anything on a comp
uoutashapejeffry: Good.
uoutashapejeffry: Do you play any sports.?
j00GotBunkerd: paintball
uoutashapejeffry: Is that where those young kids rin around like chickens with there heads cut off shooting each other?
uoutashapejeffry: Is it a WAR game?
j00GotBunkerd: ok austin... im guessing its u becuz u signed off ur name and then this person started talking
uoutashapejeffry: Who?
j00GotBunkerd: and ur saying a war thing which pisses me off
j00GotBunkerd: ur someone i know thats messin with me
uoutashapejeffry: I don't know who you are.
uoutashapejeffry: Like I said it is a random survey.
j00GotBunkerd: ok whatever, ask me more q's
uoutashapejeffry: Have you ever fergot your lunch?
j00GotBunkerd: u spelled forgot wrong, and all the rest of ur typing and puncuation was perfect before
j00GotBunkerd: soooo ur a fake!
j00GotBunkerd: ahahah!
uoutashapejeffry: I know I spelled it wrong it's part of the survey.
j00GotBunkerd: rrrrright
uoutashapejeffry: Have you ever fergot your lunch?
j00GotBunkerd: wtf does fergot mean?
uoutashapejeffry: forget.
uoutashapejeffry: forgot*.
j00GotBunkerd: then why not spell it right
uoutashapejeffry: It's part of the survey.
j00GotBunkerd: whatever
j00GotBunkerd: i dont bring lunch
j00GotBunkerd: so no
uoutashapejeffry: Oh O.K.
uoutashapejeffry: Well thank you for you time.
uoutashapejeffry: Have a nice day.
j00GotBunkerd: lol
j00GotBunkerd: for a guy from a survey id think ur sn would be better
uoutashapejeffry: What is so funny.
j00GotBunkerd: u
j00GotBunkerd: ur face
uoutashapejeffry: Well I am at home and I am not allowed to use my work screenname at home.
j00GotBunkerd: im watching u...
uoutashapejeffry: O.K.
uoutashapejeffry: Well have a nice night.
j00GotBunkerd: yup
uoutashapejeffry: Goodbye.
j00GotBunkerd: watch yo back
j00GotBunkerd: and watch the canadians
j00GotBunkerd: theyll take ur pillows
j00GotBunkerd: !!!
uoutashapejeffry: O.K....
uoutashapejeffry: Stupid /\/UBR!
j00GotBunkerd: ahaha
j00GotBunkerd: knew it was u
uoutashapejeffry: lol
j00GotBunkerd: ur like "whos austin"
uoutashapejeffry: lol
j00GotBunkerd: i outsmarted yo ass
j00GotBunkerd: *****

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Yeah thats for all those easily amused people out there. I have funny conversations like...

PET midget 742: how much is your fields paint prices?
uoutashapejeffry: ummm
uoutashapejeffry: like 50 bucks a case
PET midget 742: ares is what i call
PET midget 742: a rip off
uoutashapejeffry: y
PET midget 742: 8 for 100
PET midget 742: 14 for 200
PET midget 742: and 32.50 for 500
uoutashapejeffry: jeeze
PET midget 742: and you cant bring your own
uoutashapejeffry: we can bring our own
PET midget 742: we cant
PET midget 742: those assholes
uoutashapejeffry: haha

OK, so they arent funny. But still....

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wow, thats pretty good. i've done the same to some people on msn before.....i'll have to save the convo next time:D

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I just randomly talk to my friends on stupid screen names, and they keep going "who is this" while i just repeat your a loser and stuff like that. Also, going into teeny bopper chat rooms and making fun of the losers who like nsinc and bsb is also fun to!

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i live in omaha, right by the warped hq, and my friend had a sn OMAHAPOLICE and he freaked out all the pot heads at our school with that one, it was hilarious

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thatd be sweet!!! one time this gay kid reported me to AIM and one of the admins there IMed me and said if i helped him warn people and **** i wouldnt get a warning or anything, so i got to warn people for no reason!!! w00t

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Questions31588: Excuse me sir or madam, 13 questions(tm) has randomly selected your name from a drawing to be part of a survey. Would you be interested?
KristenMc07: yea
Questions31588: Does the easter bunny exist?
KristenMc07: nope
Questions31588: Do you understand this phrase: w3 4r3 l33t?
KristenMc07: nope
Questions31588: And this one: j00 4r3 n0t?
KristenMc07: nope, does this have a point?
Questions31588: If the easter bunny did exist, and it invited you over for "coffee," would you go?
KristenMc07: no
Questions31588: What if he had a gun?
KristenMc07: i would not go
Questions31588: Define: Discombobulated.
KristenMc07: no cllue what that means
Questions31588: Define: Supercalafragilisticexpiallidoicous.
KristenMc07: a word in Mary Poppins
Questions31588: Please be more specific
KristenMc07: a word in a song in Mary poppins
Questions31588: Please be more specific
KristenMc07: i cant
Questions31588: What comes next: Purple, Hotdog, cu***ber, rabid beast,
KristenMc07: ??
Questions31588: Is that your answer
Questions31588: ?
KristenMc07: yes
Questions31588: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
KristenMc07: a lot of wood
Questions31588: Thank you for your time. Your calculated IQ score, using a complicated mathematical equation, is 78.
KristenMc07: thank you
Questions31588: 78 is below average. Perhaps you should purchase Hooked on Phonics.
KristenMc07: ok
Questions31588: Or a personal Tutor
KristenMc07: ok
Questions31588: '/0u 4|23 4 5+up1|), u|\|L33+ p3|250|\| //|-|0 |)035 |\|0+ 61/3 1|\|+3|235+1|\|6 4|\|5//3|25.
KristenMc07: did you really pic me randomly
KristenMc07: ?
Questions31588: Yes.
KristenMc07: why did you type in #
Questions31588: because i am l33t
KristenMc07: huh?
Questions31588: One of your intelligence could not hope to understand
KristenMc07: hey
Questions31588: Hello.
KristenMc07: i have straight a's and I am only in 7 grade!
Questions31588: You are also very ignorant.
KristenMc07: that is nice
KristenMc07: what is your name?
Questions31588: Oh. I was trying to be mean.
KristenMc07: my name is Kristen
Questions31588: I am Josh, i work for 13 Questions (tm)
KristenMc07: i know that you were
Questions31588: Yes, i was able to deduce that from your screen name
KristenMc07: where is that?
Questions31588: Toronto, Canada.
KristenMc07: so are you a machine or are you a real person?
KristenMc07: ???
Questions31588: If by machine you mean computer random acess database, then yes i am a "machine."
KristenMc07: like are you a person with a brain? who can walk on 2 legs?
Questions31588: I thought i already answered that.
KristenMc07: nope
Questions31588: Of course, for your simpleton mind, i shall have to put it simply. I have no genitalia. That makes me a "machine."
KristenMc07: ok

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bobsouderson said:
hahahaha, i never new jizz (in other terms) was censored on here. feck..hahaha, i luv that word
It's simple to get around these filters :)
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