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how hard is it to get in?
i know you need a local congressman to recommend you, but what about academic-wise, what are they looking for?

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It's pretty hard to get into a Acadamy. If you really wanna go to a acadamy just don't apply for one, aplly for all of them like the Naval Acadamy, West Point, Airforce Acadamy, and the Merchant Marines. You can also try to get a ROTC scholorship.

A citizen of the United States
Unmarried and no dependents
at least 17, but less than 23 years of age by july 1st of the year you would enter. Also I do believe that you need to letter in a sport, not 100% possitive about the Airforce Acadamy butyou got to in the Naval Acadamy.

To be Competitive:
4 Years of English
4 Years of college-prep math
4 years of science
3 years of social studies
2 years of foreign languages
1 year of computer science
3.8 or higher GPA
English 28
Reading 30
math 30
Science Reasoning 29

Verbal 633
Math 658

Exercise(minimal requirment):

Pull ups 5
standing long jump 6'10"
Modified Basketball Throw 54'
push-ups(2mins) 25
300-yard Shuttle run 65secs

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HOLY SH*T!!! I got all of that, except the jump and possibly the run.

Too bad the Academy is the last thing I want to do. I couldn't handle all that...

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Haha yeah its a rough process... but you dont need a varsity letter.

I had the sponsorship from the senator and all the required medical/physical exams, and was all set academically... just didnt feel like living all the way out in CO

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I went and took a tour of the AFA last year, it's an awesome place.
You don't need to letter in a sport to get in, but it may help.

They look for people who would be good in leadership roles (becuase it's basically officer candidate school), so it helps to volunteer places.
You also have a better chance to get in if you have alot of hours flying before hand.

The sports facillity there is massive and pretty up to date. Off the top of my head, I can remember seeing: boxing, archery, martial arts, racketball, swimming, indoor track and field, indoor tennis, basketball (as well as a stadium for the air force team) and volleyball.

The first year you have to stay on base, but after that you normally have off on weekends. If you're in a sport where you need to travel they give you a car to use.

They even have fast food places there, so it's not like you miss anything if you can't leave. I think they have taco bell, mcdonalds and possibly subway.
ofcourse, if you don't want to spend the money to eat, there's free food 3 times a day i the cafeteria part.

Academic wise, the classes are pretty small (student to teacher ratio is like 6-10:1 and the teachers stay until 8:00PM or so and will help you as much as you need.

They have wireless access pretty much everywhere there, in the library, dorm area (forgot what they call it) and in the classrooms.

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Profile of a typical cadet class

valedictorian/salutorian 16%
president/vp of class or student body 17%
top 10% of hs class 57%
Athletic Letter Award 83%
Boys/Girls State or Natino 17%
National Honor Society 66%
Scouting 25%


SAT Verbal Average: 590-680 Mean: 633
SAT Math 620-700 658

ACT English Average: 26-31 Mean: 28
ACT Reading 27-33 30
ACT Math 28-32 30

APPLY AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE!!! January 31 of Junior year is as early as you can.

AFA Majors:
Aeronautical Engineering
Astronautical Engineeiring
Basic Science
Behavioral Science
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Electrical Engineering
Engineering Mechanics
Environmental Engineering
Foreign Area Studies
General Engineering
Legal Studies
Math Sciences
Mechanical Engineering
Militray Doctrine, Operations and Strategy
Operations Research
Political Science
Social Sciences
Space Ops.

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Why go Air Force when you can go Navy?
Why go Navy when you could go Army?
Because everyone I've talked to - including current and former members of AF, Navy, Army, and Marines - all have told me that if you have brains and are planning on doing anything technical, Air Force is by far the best choice you could make.

I had been heavily considering commissioning as an Officer in the AF after I graduate, but I don't think it will work out with what my fiance and I want to do with our lives.


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Military academies are tough to get in, although if you have a well-rounded resume, and good academics, you have a shot.

I go to a Merchant Marine academy, and I had a very easy time getting in.

Don't underestimate letters of recommendation. Admissions actually reads them. If they require 2 letters, get 5.

Go to a resume class, or have someone with a good one help you with yours. The format isn't everything, however. You need job experience, certifications, volunteer work, and a good cover letter to make it work.

Your essay is also importatnt. Not only do you get to prove that you have good command of the English language, but you have a chance to show the admissions officer a bit about your personality, goals, and life interests-- in your own tone.

Finally, the academics. If your GPA is above 3.5, and you have followed my above instructions, you should be fine. I graduated from high school with a 3.4. AP classes are nice for the credits, but they aren't going to look hard at if it is a standard, honors, or AP level course. The grade point average is the major factor.

Good luck to you.
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