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what are the main differences between CO2, compressed air, HPA or NItro airn't compressed air and hpa tha same???
and where can you fill each of them up(do u need to be 18)??
and which would you suggest for my tippmann custom pro
Where may a find a cheap extension hose??

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co2 is well...co2. TI's stored in liquid form inside the tank giving it an interesting property. If it's cold it does not expand fast enough inside the tank to turn into gas, leaving the liquid co2 to expand inside of the marker, causing spikes. the same can happen if you shoot rapidly. Because of this reason, it's not reccomended for use with electro-pneumatic markers.

compressed air is highly compressed air(3000-45000psi) and is also known as HPA or Nitro. It doesn't spike velocity and pressure and therefore leaves the solenoid safe in electro-pneumatic markers.

you can get co2 tanks filled at some sporting goods store, but to fill a HPA tank you need an expensive compressor that's found in dive shops and paintball shops mainly.
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