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Hello fellow paintball forum members. I would like to introduce you to the most robust portable compressor on the market. The AirTex 45 is different from every portable compressor currently available. When designing this compressor we looked at everything that was failing on the competition and made it better. Here is some highlights of our compressor made right here in America-

• Heavy duty crank shaft supported with stainless ball bearings
on both ends
• Dual stage water separator with Thermo drain valves
• Balanced design, all pistons weigh the same
• Large purifer, 50 hour life span
• Stainless steel cooling coils
• Fiberglass fan guard, no metal rattling
• Runs at a low 1050 RPM

This model puts out 3.7CFM (5000psi) paired with a 5HP single phase electric motor. It is available in a 3 phase electric model as well as a gas powered model (+$200). Paired with the large purifier this compressor exceeds CGA grade E and NFPA 1500 standards.

At our booth during DEMA we were giving $500 off the AireTex 45 bringing the price down to an unbeatable $2,995. We are now extending this promotion through March!! Do not miss out on this offer. We have both the gas and electric models in stock and ready to ship. Please contact me for any questions regarding this promotion or any other high pressure gas needs.

Justin Heath
AireTex Compressors
Arlington TX
High pressure breathing air compressor and systems for the fire, scuba, and paintball industries. Catalog-W31 High Pressure Breathing Air Compressors for the Paintball & Scuba Industries
[email protected]
877-712-1588 Toll Free


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