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Here are two gas blowback Chrome Tokyo Marui Airsoft guns. I have the TM Desert Eagle and the TM M9. These guns are in mint condition and have been used only a couple of times. They are also amazing looking guns and are very good sidearms. The Desert Eagle is pretty heavy and very big and it feels awesome in your hand. The M9 is not that heavy but is an excellent gun and the grips on it are perfect. Both these guns shoot about 250-300 FPS. Both of these guns have no problems, no gas leaks, no jamming, and no heavy dents/scratches. The Desert Eagle has a couple of light scracthes but every desert eagle gets it from the blowback so you cant really stop that from happening. The M9 is in like new condition, no scracthes at all.

Chrome Desert Eagle-$200
Chrome M9-$125


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