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TM mp5a4
cylinder set
piston head
m100 spring
extended barrel
G&P QD silencer
new eg700 motor
new piston
new sear
new shims
new hop up
65$ 3300mah battery
40$ 1700mah battery
fast charger

cost me about 1000$ with labor, shoots about 370fps

i would like to trade it for a Tippman 98c with response trigger, 16oz co2, new barrel, and something to make up for the 600$ difference, it doesnt have to be 600$ cash, but i would like some money( ie 150-250) or a mini dvd player. yes i know i can get a much better pb gun for this, but i dont want to take it too seriously because i did with airsoft and it sucked my pocket dry.

i also have

KWC S&W40 c02, shoots 360fps with .25 bbs, or 410fps with .2.
after market rail, with rear sight removed

total was about 200shipped. i was using it for competition shooting(sort of) because i could shoot .36 bbs at 330fps with no hop up was nice. plus it uses 12gram cartridges so the fps stays much more stable than green gas

i would like to trade this for a tippman 98 with response trigger, i will include some money to make up the difference

unfortunatly i do not have pictures of the pistol because my camera broke a couple of days ago

my aim is bonebonna
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