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Who here plays drums? How long ya been playing? Whats your setup? I havnt been playing to long, a lil under a year. My kit is a Pearl ELX Fusion with the zildjian ZBT cymbal pack. Got all the shells off my friend for dirt cheap cause he didnt want to sell it were he couldnt play it and wanted me to start playing but the kit needed new symbals so I bought a symbal pack.

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I have two drumsets. I have played for 5 years? maybe a little less, I'm not sure.

First set (my baby):

Paiste Innovation thin crash 14"
Paiste Signature full ride 20"
Paiste Innovation medium crash 16"
Sabian B8 10" splash (replacing...)
Wuhan China 12" (replacing...)
Paiste signature dark crisp hi-hats 14"

Pearl cowbell
Rhythm tech tambourine

Gibraltor bass pedal
Yamaha snare stand
Yamaha hi-hat stand
pearl double brased boom stand
Tama throne
tama boomstand
3 pearl clamps

1978 ludwig pro beat
snare- 14" by 7"
tom 13" by 10"
tom tom 14" by 11"
bass 24"
floor tom 16" by 16.5"
floor tom 2 18" by 16.5"
DW snare 13" by 5"

then my second set to just drag around and not have to worry about. $150 pearl set!:

1984 white pearl export kit
w/ rototoms
14" zildjian power impulse hi-hats
a ride and crash (unknown...)

They are fun to play...I'm probably gonna buy another floor tom just because I'm so used to having an oversized second one.
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